MP3 Normalizer for MAC

MP3 Normalizer for MAC 1.0.8

MP3 Normalizer for MAC improves quality of MP3 music by levelling volume of tracks and its parts to optimal sound quality.

Improve sound of entire audio collection in one click: adjust volume, trim silence, fade-in and fade-out automatically...

MP3 Normalizer improves the quality of MP3 music and voice records. You can choose between Peak and Loudness (R128) volume normalisation methods and manage Target Level of volume.

Optional Automatic Volume Control is a good addition for processing speech records, such as podcasts, lessons and interviews. It increases the volume of too quiet parts, making speech more clear and hearable.

To reach perfect playback of music collection try to enable audio effects. Trim silent seconds in the start and end of songs; add fade-in and fade-out effects for smooth changing of tracks.

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MP3 Normalizer for MAC


MP3 Normalizer for MAC 1.0.8

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